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PLANIO - Plan - Implement - Organize

Tool for Management

The basic objective of designing the software is to provide a tool for the management and employees of the Organization to help them in achieving their goals and targets in more efficient manners.

Resources Management

This software will club all the resources and basic information for the management of the company on one place, from where the management can organize and manage their resources.

Stress Free Working

It will provide stress free environment as users can keep complete record of their activities and the software will provide full assistance in performing their job responsibilities. They don’t have to remember each and every detail of every activity either they perform or for which they are responsible.

Performance Enhancement

It will enhance the performance of the Organization significantly as all the activities will be documented and management will have complete information of any matter relating to the operations of the Organization.

Risk Management

The software will have complete list of existing and expected risks of the business and their remedial actions. Thus Management will have good control on potential threats to the Organization. 


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